E-Book Titles by Penny Goetjen

Set on the rocky coast of Maine, a missing female guest at a popular inn stirs up memories of an eerily similar unsolved disappearance years earlier when the property was used as an all-girls school. Is history repeating itself?

“Penny Goetjen is a gifted storyteller and never disappoints.”

Martin Herman, Author of the Will James Mysteries

An historic seaside inn in a sleepy harbor town may seem like the perfect place to have a summer wedding, until a ruthless killer crashes the party.

“Goetjen is a competent writer who keep things moving along, throwing in hints of the preternatural that add to the overall ambiance….worth a read.”


Returning to her roots on the coast of Maine, Elizabeth Pennington endeavors to reopen her family’s inn, newly restored to its original New England charm after a hurricane nearly destroyed it. Unseen forces, however, seem hellbent on derailing her efforts or worsetaking her out of the picture. Clearly the inn’s dark past has resurfaced.

“Like the coastal waters of Maine, this story will lull you in with its seeming tranquility only to sweep you away in the undercurrent.”

John Valeri, Criminal Element

Young Olivia searches to the ends of the island for her mother, a photographer who has gone missing during a covert assignment, and becomes entangled in the same criminal element subculture that may have cost her mother her life.

Penny Goetjen uses the idyllic setting and island culture so effectively, the reader is tempted to savor ocean views from THE EMPTY CHAIR, but don’t pause too long–danger is never far away.

Kathryn Orzech, author of PREMONITION OF TERROR and ASYLUM