THE EMPTY CHAIR–Murder in the Caribbean

Olivia Benning Mystery Series–Book 1
TheEmptyChair4_RGB_72dpi_6x9 Low Resolution Cover

Young Olivia travels to the Virgin Islands to settle affairs after receiving word her mother, a highly acclaimed photographer on St. Thomas, has perished in a boating accident, but island police have no record of her death or even the accident. Could her mother still be alive? Olivia desperately needs the truth, if she has to find it herself.

A bar brawl. A break-in and robbery. Her mother’s Caribbean bungalow ransacked. Can things get any worse at picturesque Magens Bay? Olivia’s search takes a sinister turn when a charming man, claiming to be her mother’s lover, is shot and she’s the prime suspect.

Entangled in the same dark web of crime that may have ensnared her mother, Olivia is low on cash, high on mistrust, yet must rely on the ruggedly handsome stranger who seems to surface when she most needs saving, but is he her rescuer-turned-lover or her deadly foe?

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ISBN 978-0-9976235-0-5 (print)
ISBN 978-0-9976235-1-2 (ebook)

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