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The Empty Chair — Murder in the Caribbean

                               Advance Praise For
                               THE EMPTY CHAIR

Not even the sultry Caribbean sun can burn off the dark clouds that seem
to follow Olivia Benning. Returning to an island home to settle affairs,
she has no information about her mother’s sudden and suspicious death,
no resources and little money, she’s alone and unsure who to trust.

Penny Goetjen uses the idyllic setting and island culture so effectively,
the reader is tempted to savor ocean views from The Empty Chair, but
don’t pause too long—danger is never far away.

—Kathryn Orzech,
Author of Premonition of Terror, a paranormal thriller,
and Asylum, a dark suspense saga.


“….This is a very well done mystery with beautifully descriptive surroundings and suspense that builds throughout. The ending threw me for a loop and leaves open the possibility of a second book. I highly recommend this book!”

Melissa Borsey, Reviewer

“Good crime drama. I was kept guessing and couldn’t wait to find out “whodunit!”

Linda George, Librarian

“THE EMPTY CHAIR is like riding on a roller coaster…. An adrenaline pumping, heart pounding ride. Once you start it, it’s hard to put down. And you really don’t want it to be over…. I felt as if I was riding in the blue Jeep right next to Olivia, so afraid of going over the side of those narrow mountain roads.”

Lisa Harvey, Reviewer

“I loved this mystery set in the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Thomas!…the novel made me want to book a cruise (without the bodies, of course)!”

Anne Foster, Educator

“One of those stories that keeps you guessing on who to trust or who is behind what is happening.”

Nancy Witt, Reviewer

“…a great thriller….This book has everything: murder, arson, breaking and entering, vehicle sabotage, animal cruelty, shady and suspicious characters. This is a book that will keep you guessing until the very end.”

Pernette Wells, Reviewer

Loved the book. Many twists and turns and a great read. Couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to the next book.

Pearl Ruark, Avid Reader

“Loved this book…. Loved how the mystery intertwined!”

Victoria Martin, Media

“Really enjoyed this book and I’ve already recommended it to my friend who’s an avid reader as well…. Really enjoyed how descriptive the author was in providing background of St. Thomas (and St. John) throughout the book.

Laurie Peak, Reviewer

“…the writing is entirely lucid and professional! She knows what she’s doing.”

Leslie Gardner, Reviewer

“Here is a book I can do. Warm waters, missing one mom, and a twisty good read is coming your way. I love the photography parts as well. From the romance to the mystery and back again, this book was a nice diverting read.”

Carol Keen, Reviewer

“The twist of not really knowing if Olivia’s mother was alive or not made this story a bit different from other mystery novels I’ve read.”

Candice Rosado, Reviewer

“Not wanting to put it down and then being left hanging at the ending, I anxiously await the next chapter and hope it is as good as this five-star novel.”

Philip Bailey, Reviewer

“The book will keep you guessing until the final page and definitely has an unexpected twist at the end.”

Pat Pullum, Reviewer

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