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An endlessly delightful tale and band of characters . . .

—Kirkus Reviews

Murder Returns to the Precipice is brimming with promise and peril–a richly textured mystery that’s both charmingly atmospheric and cunningly staged. Be forewarned: Like the coastal waters of Maine, this story will lull you in with its seeming tranquility only to sweep you away in the undercurrent. Take a deep breath and surrender yourself fully. Penny Goetjen is a mighty force!

—John Valeri, Criminal Element

. . . suspenseful, intriguing, and edge of your seat . . .

—Sassy Redhead Book Reviews


The evil ways of one major character don’t disappoint. Goetjen is a competent writer who keeps things moving along, throwing in hints of the preternatural that add to the overall ambiance. . . . worth a read.

—Kirkus Reviews

“Hard to put this book down. The twists and turns and intrigue never stop. . . . A must-read for murder mystery fans.”

—Readers’ Favorite

Invigorating, and not to be missed!

—John Valeri, Hartford Books Examiner

Filled with colorful characters who make an interesting mix, the mood of the tale can suddenly go from sunny and breezy to dark and terrifying. Murder beyond the Precipice is fun, captivating mystery.

—Dale T. Phillips, Author of the Zack Taylor Mysteries


Penny Goetjen has that rare ability to quickly capture the reader’s attention and keep their interest from scene to glorious scene. In Murder on the Precipice, she draws the reader into the raw beauty of the rugged coast of Maine, taking you down the paths with her captivating characters, capturing the local charm of a quaint inn beset by the disappearance of a young female guest. There is elegance to her writings. She is a gifted storyteller and never disappoints.

—Martin Herman, Author of the Will James Mysteries

An absorbing thriller that gives the readers strong characters, an imaginative plot, and a great sense of place. She makes the isolation and rugged beauty of the Maine coastline come alive . . . creates considerable suspense . . . Heartily recommended.

—R.C. Goodwin, Author of Model Child and The Stephen Hawking Death Row Fan Club

One of those books that I could not put down . . . was instantly pleased . . . Looking forward to reading Penny’s other books as well!

—Mallorie LeBrun, Reviewer

It had everything . . . Twists and turns, interesting characters and wonderful descriptions that brought the story to life. . . . Look forward to more stories from this author!!

—Martine Gallant, Reviewer

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